Mummy's Mask


The party prepared for the final showdown. The door to Hakotep’s chambers stood open just ahead. Buffs were handed out, and Grimm cast a spell. A rumbling was heard in the earth. Tekkit took cover around the corner and a second spell called a tyrannosaurus into the room. In the room stood four shield guardians and Hakotep, the undead Forgotten Pharaoh himself. The battle was on.

The T.Rex chomped a golem as a gargantuan purple worm leapt from the ground and bit another. Rowe and Barb began rushing into the room as Yimir launched a cryofireball at Hakotep and Hakotep retorted with a meteor swarm at Grimm.The golems were immune to magic as usual. Hakotep was blurred, but this was no defense against Tekkit’s Seeking bow. Tekkit began to riddle Hakotep with arrows, and Hakotep spread the damage out among his bodyguards. The free pair of golems shielded their master. The worm and the dinosaur subdued their construct victims and moved on the remaining ones, the worm gliding through the floor. MIraculously, one of the golems managed to crawl back up the worm’s gullet, only to be spit out and abandoned in the walls of the pyramid. Hakotep’s chain lightning crippled Yimir and forced him out of the battle as Rowe attempted to get past the golems. The worm and T.Rex took down the remaining golems, and Hakotep ability to avoid damage was strained by Tekkit’s unrelentng arrows. Barb approached the Pharaoh and Grimm channeled magic through the mammoth. With a mighty trumpeting, Barb cast Mass Heal and Hakotep was destroyed in the burst of holy light.

The party learned they had to put Hakotep to rest to stop him from returning again. This would require Grimm to take off the mask, but sacrifices must be made. Soon Hakotep’s remains (minus loot) were placed in his sarcophagus and the mask was placed on his face. With all the parts of his soul reunited, Hakotep’s ghost briefly manifested above the party before being dragged away to Pharasma for his long delayed judgement. Grimm then quickly took back the mask.

The party was finally triumphant. After exiting the pyramid and returning to civilization they were welcomed as heroes. Osirian’s rightful Pharaoh, the Ruby Prince himself requested to meet them. The party accepted and traveled to his palace in Sothis. Hark the clockwork servant and the Ahkhat parted ways with the party to open the Enpeycee Memorial Inn. On arrival at the court, Muminofrah greeted the return of Tekkit and the Other Ones warmly. The Ruby Prince thanked them gratefully for saving Osirian and offered them further quests battling against threats from the Dark Tapestry, and the heroes contemplated their future.

The End.

Addendum:Several Months Later.

Several novice adventurers struggled in the streets of Wati’s Dead City as a cackling voice floated around them. The dwarven warrior and a half-elven minstrel had already mortally wounded each other after falling to the voice’s manipulation and enchantments. The human cleric and elf mage looked about nervously, waiting for the final blow. The voice revealed itself as Imanish the Doru Div. Suddenly an angel in shining armor descended from above, splattered the head into goo, healed the wounded and nodded at the adventurers before flying away. The young party wondered what they had done to deserve such fortune.

Mammoth Damage Rules

The No-Names rested and geared up to enter the penultimate dungeon. On the gate, artwork of a demon lord demanded a trade of human sacrifice for entry. The party decided that they would have none of that however and tampered with the door to enter. The door slid open and a massive heat wave washed over the party. As could be presumed from the prior themes, this was the fire dungeon. The party began clearing the dungeon, knowing the drill well at this point. Four oven-like constructs that would have boiled the Anon’s in lava were dispatched.

The party found a maze and began exploring it, Barb the mammoth leading the way. A sun trap blocked the way and Barb attempted to disable it. She failed and was blinded for a moment by the flash after nimbly dodging the explosion. Rowe healed the mammoth and the party continued exploring the maze. After reaching the sun room twice more, the party began leaving a bread crumb trail of Arcane Marks. Barb tried to disable another trap and took a significant blast, but dodged it away and stopped the rest with fire resistance.

Finally, the party reached the end of the maze. A wall of green rocks blocked the exit, but was smashed by Barb. On the other side was a room with a puzzle involving sorting the Osirian pantheon. The party completed it and got the treasure. Elsewhere, a force field and lava rivers blocked access to a gem. Yimir transformed into a fire elemental and swam through the lava, easily claiming the gem.A door with a pair of arrow-slit like slots required great strength to get through. First Barb attempted to push it down, but failed. Then Tekkit went and was similarly unsuccessful. Rowe eventually did it, but then the party noticed the lever that would have simply opened the door.

On the other side was a “priest”. The false cleric claimed innocence and was immediately called out on it by Tekkit, who also detected his evil alignment. The cleric was actually a vampire inquisitor in Hakotep’s service. Three invisible vampires appeared as battle was joined. Tekkit rained arrows as Grimm hexed and Yimir blasted. Barb took on the vampires as Rowe charged the inquisitor, who chose to fight him in melee. The inquisitor was faster, so he pronounced judgement and landed several respectable hits. And then the undead scourge tore him apart, and it was good. The other vampires swiftly followed. The control pyramid was nearby, so the party smashed what remained of the fleet. Finally, the fleet was destroyed and Hakotep was vulnerable. The party entered the final dungeon and cleared it with surprisingly little incident.

Tam’s Irregulars were now ready to face Hakotep and make him pay for his crimes, such as the undead plague in Wati, countless murders of his own people, bombarding Osirian cities, the deaths of Tamarie and Tev the dodo (but mostly Tev), and trying to steal Grimm’s mask.

We Are The Champions

The slaves cheered the death of Daat. The Aucun Nom advanced further into the strange work area. Soon they found a small arena surrounded by cheering spectators. A bloodthirsty priest and an apathetic looking woman presided over two terrified peasants up against a bone golem. Grimm swooped in and snatched one out as Rowe leapt into the arena. The paladin dropped his weapon and began fighting the bone golem barehanded. The priest stopped the fight and demanded to know what was going on and why the trial by combat was being disrupted. Rowe declared himself the champion of the prisoners to fight in their stead. The priest was surprised Rowe was willing to die for random strangers, but agreed. The golem lunged back into action, but was somewhat clearly overmatched. Grimm saved the remaining prisoner as the inquisitor questioned the first one about what was going on. The prisoner said that they were being killed for “laziness”. Yimir attempted to kill the golem with a fireball that warped and spun to avoid hitting Rowe. The golem was immune however.

Soon, the golem collapsed. The priest furiously shouted “Again!”. The bored woman waved her amulet and summoned a pair of brass golems that towered over the knight. The priest decreed that the entire party should die. One of the brass golems climbed out of the arena and people fled. All pretense of legality quickly faded. Rowe drew his glaive and fought a golem as Grimm invisibly approached the leaders. Taking his loyal scorpion in his hand, he threw it at them. Barb transformed into a slightly mutated mammoth, all gnashing teeth and skewering tusks.

Yimir tried to help again by blasting the new golems, but the fire healed them instead. Tekkit then decided to join the fray, entering the arena and opening fire. The golem above grabbed the mammoth and wrestled it into the arena. At this point, the party rallied together, focused fire and annihilated the two golems. They went up in spectacularly self destructive blasts. Angrily, the priest threw down the amulet into the arena, declaring the party victorious. The ancient arena faded away, leaving only the amulet and a dusty, ancient arena with a picture of a man fighting a serpent painted on the ground.

The party returned to the acid river and continued to explore. They took some valuable funerary figurines, made it through a dart trap, and repeatedly got sent back by a teleport trap. Finally, the group found the control pyramid’s room. A badly burned woman was chained there. Rowe approached and repeatedly tried to heal her. She claimed to be a priestess of a rival deity of Set, who Hakotep worshipped. For this, she said, she had been trapped in everlasting torment. Tekkit checked her for lies, but found nothing. The woman said she was cursed so she could directly aid the party, but if they let her cast a spell she could. They agreed and the woman summoned several eryines before revealing she was a tentacled monster. Yimir made up for the golem fight by slaughtering a scorching devils with his fire while the mammoth waded in. The “priest” cast mirror images of herself and Grimm countering by giving his mammoth true sight. Tekkit and Rowe picked off images and the mammoth struck her. A spell Grimm had primed in the mammoth forced the tentacled woman to unwillingly dance shortly before being finished off just like Daat.

The party then took the control pyramid and wrecked another squad of Hakotep’s troops.

The Water Temple

Yimir unleashed fire as the muddy giants descended on the group. The flame oracle brought one down just in time for Rowe to finish it off. Then Grimm got free, threw out some banishments and the fight was over. With that, the new section of the pyramid was open. It was marked by artwork depicting a legendary hydrodaemon. An indoor canal extended into the halls as three skeletal figures on three ominous ferries sailed in. Each demanded payment.

After several minutes of haggling, Tekkit paid the right amount and began exploring the complex. They found several mechanical statues of a demonic hippo man, and solved their puzzle to unlock a gate. Behind the gate was a small underwater archway. Water breathing spells were handed out and the group entered. The found an unnaturally dark chamber where seaweed floated in the gloom. Grimm flushed the water away, but it rushed back. The shaman noticed it was all an illusion and was about to shout a warning before he was skewered. Keshenerek the div (A evil corrupted genie from the lower planes.) attacked. It’s stealthy spears surely sought savagery. Yimir tried to blast it, but his fireballs were extinguished by the water. Grimm recovered and stunned Keshenerek with a slumber hex just before Rowe killed it.

Rowe quickly regretted his lack of mercy and suggested that Grimm reincarnate the fiend. The dwarf laughed heartily at the probable consequences of the spell. He could almost see it: Keshenerek the terrible warlord, returned to life as a completely ineffectual and harmless halfling. He relished in the thought of Keshenerek complaining and weeping at his new situation. Outsiders are immune to Reincarnate, so it could never happen though. The group found the control pyramid and dropped another group of Hakotep’s pyramids to the ground. In uninhabited areas of course.

The party rested in the fairy ring and then got back to work. The third of four dungeons was next. It seemed to be the “earth dungeon”. The party used earthglide to get around traps and came to a river of red, acidic gelatin with a puzzle needed to pass. The party used magic and just tanked the pool rather than deal with another riddle or rhyme. They exited into a room with many sarcophagi that somehow didn’t explode into an undead battle.

The next sign of life was a bizarre sight. Workers labored to build a room. Some conversation indicated that they seemed to living workers loyal to Hakotep who believed that they were still in the era of Hakotep’s original reign thousands of years ago. They repeatedly warned the party to get to work before Hussef Daat showed up to give them a “sting of the whip”. The party was undeterred and soon Daat did show up with a pair of barbed devils. Daat demanded that the party bow and explain why they weren’t working as the workers knowingly fled. Since they did not immediately comply, Daat unleashed a devastating storm of fire and acid that could annihilate a small army. The party shrugged it off through immunities and resistances. The devils charged and were largely mowed down in a hail of inquisitor arrows before being finished off by Yimir a moment later. Grimm charged and punched Daat. Daat began to unwillingly dance a jovial jig. Tekkit then arrowed Daat to death, completing the cruel overseer’s humiliating defeat.

Riddles in the dark

After resting, the party prepared spells and continued exploring the pyramid. Yimir became a huge fire elemental. They found a slot in the wall matching Hakotep’s son’s burial mask. Rowe inserted it and the machinery lifted the mask and began to work.A palpable aura of of evil and hate emerged from the wall as it all folded into a T-shape.

Inside the room was Shendakut the undead sphinx. Rowe used his angelic gift of Truespeech to negotiate with it. Shendakut was incredibly resentful about its job and (in backwards, legally acceptable under oath speech) told the party that they could use the nearby control pyramid to ground a section of Hakotep’s fleet of flying attack pyramids. Sadly there seemed as yet no way to reactivate the Nameless One’s pyramid, Five Pointed Star. For her to look the other way however required that the party answer her riddle.

A Qadrian sheikh tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune. The one whose camel is slower will win. The brothers, after wandering aimlessly for days, ask a wise man for advise. After hearing the advice they jump on the camels and race as fast as they can to the city. What does the wise man say?

Tekkit correctly gave the answer: The wise man tells them to switch camels. Shendakut agreed to give the group 10 minutes with the controls. After some fiddling, they figured it out. A section of Hakotep’s fleet fell to the ground as the group tried not to think about what happened to the outskirts of Wati.The party then told Shendakut that they had done it and she rewarded them with some treasure. The possibility of freeing her with an “unwilling” Plane Shift was discussed and rejected since she would have to resist. The party then went back outside to get into another entrance and deal with the next control pyramid.

The lightning storm still raged outside. A statue of a fish demon was inscribed with a message near the buried new entrance. It said that if it was splashed with unholy water, it would rain blood and turn the sand over the door to mud that would sink away. Obviously, the group was above such tactics. Grimm figured out a solution however. The paladin was admiring a flock of desert buzzards when suddenly Grimm lost his grip on a flask of unusually dark holy water. It shattered on the statue, and the blood rain also happened at that time for some unknowable reason. The party then began advancing toward the door. Suddenly, three huge mud elementals leapt out. Yimir and Grimm were struck and Grimm was entangled in mud. Weapons were raised for battle.

A shocking development

The woman at the top of the pyramid explained that the party had to go through several trials to prove themselves worthy to meet Hakotep. Rowe suggested tunneling straight through the pyramid, but she said that s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶n̶’̶t̶ couldn’t be done. The party heard dungeon crawl and went to work. The party entered the fallen pyramid of Hakotep, formerly the Sky Pharaoh. The first challenge was a puzzle involving spelling the name of an eryines named Hastepperut. The party solved it, survived a sonic trap and moved on.

A hall of perfumed mist stood before them. Obviously filled with suspicion, Yimir attempted to burn it away with fireballs. It failed, so his ability to see through smoke was used to lead the party through. It was of course poisoned, but the group made it through. The tunnel eventually opened into a cavernous room within the pyramid. Statues of twisted winged lions decorated the area. The party explored and found a windy room with three exits at the bottom of a chasm. Rowe attempted to fly down after having a rope tied to him. A dispelling trap took away the paladin’s wings and caused him to fall. The rope saved him due to the party’s collective efforts though.

Tekkit prepared a zipline arrow and the party used that to get down. Rowe recast his angelic powers and hid inside Grimm’s bag of holding to keep it. On the ground the party found a cartouche (a name in hieroglyphs) that slid into the wall. The sound of thousands of angry souls filled the air. Grimm began summoning an ankylosaurus in preparation. Thousands of fiendish wasps swarmed in from the walls. The party was almost unable to hurt them. Yimir could do it with his firey magic but was nauseated by the swarms. Eventually he managed to momentarily escape and then incinerated them all with explosions that carefully avoided the party. Rowe almost helped by using a Smite Evil to utterly strike down Evil Wasp #239.

Next, the party discovered four mourning priests around an elaborate bed. The priests claimed that the king’s son had died and that “We must honor all forms!” They called the party over, saying they were preparing the body for burial. Neither Rowe nor Tekkit detected any evil on them. Something in the bed was rustling. Grimm bombed the bed with Incendiary Cloud. A screaming form reached out from the bed. A Greater Boneshatter trap was triggered. Rowe took the hit for Yimir as a priest cried out “We betrayed you, Hakotep!” The illusion then reset itself as the party left. As the paladin slowly healed the team known as [Error-attempt to call a nil value] discovered a grave. No undead were present. It was a monument to Hakotep’s only son, who was slain by a manticore. The party pulled the valuable mask off his face and moved on. The party then backtracked to a different path on a high ledge. Yimir flew up past the dispel trap since his wings of fire aren’t a spell. Rowe rode along in a handy haversack with his dodo. Immediately after arrival and leaving the bag, a pair of gargantuan stormbirds attacked under cover of a sudden storm.

Grimm and Tekkit began winding their way up around the dispel trap as the birds rained lightning down on the paladin and the oracle. Rowe’s energy resistence blocked most of the effects, so he tried to talk down the birds while keeping Yimir alive. A fatal lightning bolt made it through to cut Yimir down. However, the dodo, Tev the Brave, jumped in the way to save Yimir. The bolt reduced him to ashes that the wind quickly scattered. Tekkit and Grimm finally arrived and Yimir got off another wave of fireballs thanks to the heroic avian’s sacrifice. Badly wounded, Yimir attempted to retreat. The birds cut him down with lightning bolts. Yimir fell to the hard stone floor far below, leaving a spinning trail of fire. Tekkit’s arrows then ended the fight as the inquisitor inquired into Yimir’s tactics.

The party scraped Yimir off the ground and resurrected him. Tev’s remains had been scattered among the dust covering the room. Grimm then opened up a faerie ring for the party to rest in for the night.

The sky is falling

The party explored the maze-like home of Agazuberi the black genie.The first room they entered was covered in sand that quickly revealed itself to be a pair of living sandstorms. There was a moment of worry as weapons swept harmlessly through the sand. Grimm then cast both the storms into another world with Plane Shift spells. After that the group explored an area lined with traps. The group bounced the spells off their various saves and immunities as they cleaned up treasure. It was a good day.

Approaching Agazuberi’s chambers, the group found a mighty and likely trapped and locked door. Grimm promptly stoneshaped the door frame away. The door thumped to the floor and revealed four “great ghul” undead genies. Grimm brought in a T-rex and the ghuls all used greater invisibility. After a long and brutal fight, the group located and slew each of the ghuls in turn.

In the next room waited Agazuberi. The rex opened the door and the final battle began. The final battle then immediately ended as Grimm chucked her back to whatever elemental plane from which she spawned. The party then looted and inspected the room.

When the No-names were finished they returned outside. Tefna-Ju was waiting for them with his lover Aiveria. Tefna took the party and they probably had a battle with elementals beneath a spire. Then the party’s plans finally came to fruition. Lightning raked the sky as the pyramid of Hakotep approached for an unwanted landing. Giant undead rose from the earth before dying where they stood. The pyramid touched down in a cloud of dust as the stage was set for the Nameless VS the Forgotten.

The party then went shopping instead and came back later. Rowe renewed his paladin license by curing several blind and sick commoners. While at Wati, Yimir returned. He informed Gruff that his great-great uncle Grumpy, Overseer of a distant fortress, had been devoured by an otyugh while doing an inspection of his fortresses sanitation system. Normally, such a distant relation should not involve Grimm. However, on that day a family reunion had been taking place to celebrate the gains of all the Dwarf Business Grimm and Gruff had done. Unfortunately, the otyugh had responded poorly to the peculiar spices of Grumpy’s last meal. Driven berserk, it managed to make its way upstairs and devour every heir between Grumpy and Gruff before being put down by a rather ingenious plan by the local menagerie. A succession war would likely result if the throne remained unclaimed even after all the pumas had been recovered.

And so, Gruff was permanently called away by the ever inconvenient Dwarf Business. His reach shenanigans and battlefield tactics would be sorely missed. However, Yimir rejoined the party. He was sure to be a powerful aid to the group.

The party returned to the pyramid. They decided to start by flying up to the top of the tower. Suddenly two giant flying scorpions appeared and started snatching people up in their claws and delivering deadly stings. Yimir and Tekkit were soon on the verge of death. Eventually, Tekkit was freed and his pounding arrows and a revived Yimir’s blasts took down the scorpions.

A woman appeared atop the pyramid. She introduced herself as a prophet of Hakotep and attempted to monologue at the party. The party was unimpressed judging from the torrent of mockery.

The Life Lantern
I lost my notes, had to go off memory.

After resting, the party returned to the Slave Trenches. A shaitan genie named Tef-Naju came through the wall to meet them. He had been contracted into unwillingly serving Hakotep for many millennia. When the party told him that they had come to bring down Hakotep’s fleet, he agreed to help. Bringing down the ships would technically fulfill his contract. Tef-Naju told them that step one would be acquiring a relic known as the Life Lantern and use it. Tef-Naju took the ones to the complex in which the lantern was stored. Tef-Naju could not enter due to his oaths.

The party went inside and faced numerous foes, such as weapon haunting shades and in the final room, two regular outsiders led by a large demonic creature in a blinding light. The leader was promptly banished by Grimm as the scorpion heroically took down another with Plane Shift. Gruff went insane due to Symbols of Insanity on the lantern. Grimm cured him, but waited a bit longer than necessary in order to enjoy the show.

Some figurines representing Hakotep’s lieutenants were also in the room. All were dead except Tef-Naju and the banished demon. There was a device to use them with, but the dead officers figurines crumbled when used. The party tried the demon and it suddenly reappeared. It put up a stronger fight than expected by summoning many shadow copies of itself. It was soon destroyed by a summoned tyrannosaur and the party’s weapons however.

Tef-Naju told the party that the next target was a black genie leader. The party rested in the Faerie ring before going. Tef-Naju said that he had been visited by his lover during the night. Gruff quickly guessed his lover was the black genie. After carefully preparing to fight the genie, the party invaded the compound and began fighting through the defenses.

In the trenches

The party continued exploring the slave trenches. A grey, unnaturally clean grey disc was soon found. Gruff poked, prodded and danced upon the disc but was unable to provoke a response so the group looked elsewhere. They passed by statues of Osirian deities that dominated the trenches. Soon, evil was detected. A pair of multi-armed and skeletal ossumentals leapt out.

One of them was promptly struck and killed by Rowe as Gruff and Tekkit took apart the other. The party had grown very efficient undead slaying. Another statue and a sand waterfall went by until the group found a tomb. Sending the dodo ahead as (crossed out bait) a scout, the party entered. Suddenly Beken-Tofra the mythic elder earth elemental appeared and aggressively approached the party.

Gruff attempted to banish it from reality, but it just managed to resist. The party avoided its petrifying blows and slew it after a tense struggle. The party then entered the tomb. An antigravity pit trap and rocks blocking the way were quickly bypassed. There was also a portal to unknown places ignored by the Guy From Planescape brigade. The party soon arrived at a room guarded by a hippo-headed golem. It was powerful, but not equipped to stand up to the endless torrent of Tekkit’s arrows. Several magic scrolls were in the room, guarded by magical traps. Grimm sent in smoke mephits to gather them.

All the mephits, one by one, turned to stone. Then Grimm remembered he had the Gust of Wind spell ready and just used that. One of the scrolls was Limited Wish. Perhaps it would come into play later. Near the end of the tomb’s winding tunnels was a massive collection of clay jars that radiated slight necromancy. One however had a strong aura. Carvings covered the walls, disturbing images of ancient Shory priests eating centipedes out of the jars. Grimm realized that the centipedes were an ancient method of storing power for others to use. Armed with knowledge, Gruff went to eat the strongest bug.

When he ate it he got a small bonus to a future skill check and attacked by a ghost. A Protection From Evil spell shut down the possession attempt, and then Grimm lied that he was Pharaoh Hakotep. The ghost tried to fool the party with lies, but Tekkit the lie detector saw through him. A fight broke out and Protection from Evil spells blocked his spells. The fight soon ended when Grimm turned the ghost partially solid, lining him up for a deadly punch in the face from Rowe.

The party then stole all 36 jars and left for the next room. The next room was filled with similar jars. Darkness spread throughout the room as cenovath hellwasps swarmed in.
Their dexterity draining poisons almost began to drop party members, but they were fought off. Tekkit shot some of them out of the air during the fight.

The final room of the tomb was where the second step in bringing down Hakotep’s fortress was kept. 4 many eyed mummified bogeymen called kalnaka attacked the party. They were quickly and soundly defeated as two tore each other apart under Grimm’s influence while Rowe’s power, Tekkit’s bow and Gruff’s flail raced to pick off the other two. The party looted and then rested in the faerie ring.

Dark Powers: For fun and profit.
Tragically, pictures stopped working here.

After the party defeated Grimm’s clone, Gruff flew in the door and rejoined the party. The party continued exploring the flying structure.A statue of the Forgotten Pharoah tried to curse the party but they all resisted successfully. The taunting statue was then destroyed by Grimm’s stoneshape to extract the Immovable Rods within. Beside the statue was a room containing a tribute to an ancient merchant family. Grimm tagged it with Arcane Mark and the group moved on.

The next chamber contained a tomb with a boat. Inside the boat was a magic boat that could sail across the sand. The party took it. Next up was an mummified, bull-like gorgon. It charged the party and exhaled green smoke at them. It turned Grimm to stone before being put down by Tekkit and Gruff.

Tekkit flew Grimm down to Wati far below and had him cured. There was a moment of tension, but Grimm survived being brought back. Grimm flew himself and Tekkit back up and Tekkit brought Rowe’s dodo along for some reason. Continued explorations uncovered a small pyramid. Wires and technology collected power from a faraway source as the Anonymous Team passed through. Soon the party reached the lair of the fortress’s master.

Isatemkhebet was flanked by a pair of undead harpy guards and two pools containing elder water elementals that would lash out at anything that came near. Grimm simply grinned and cast his new spell, Control Undead. The two hijacked guards promptly attacked the general moments before Rowe flew over and slew her with one Undead Scourging blow.

The triumph of the moment was undercut when the pyramid suddenly dropped out of the sky. In the moment before impact Grimm cast one of his more obscure spells and teleported the party away into a peaceful meadow.

Along with the party, Grimm also saved the two harpies so he could make them fight to the death for his amusement. The winner was then executed. The party healed up and flew back to the ground in the normal world where they were praised by the yet again rescued citizens of Wati. The party then dug up loot and set the Akhat to repair it in hopes of getting it operational again. However, they found a magical tablet that allowed communication with the Forgotten Pharaoh. After an exchange of words, opinions, and promises, The Pharaoh cut off power to the pyramid. Sadly, this meant the party would likely never get to fly the thing.

The party Wind to go destroy the power source of the Pharaoh’s fleet for ostensibly non-vengance related reasons. They soon arrived at…The Slave Trenches of Hakotep! They briefly scouted around and then landed near a massive clock counting down to an unknown time. Many scholars had gone mad trying to puzzle it out. Before anyone could go mad, a huge evil, vulture-sphinx named Khai-Utef appeared.

Khai tried to persuade the party to kill a roc rival of his. Unfortunately for him, this was the Anonymous Squadron. Grimm summoned a tyrannosaur to the field. The attack soon overwhelmed Khai before Gruff finished him off. The party got out their sand boat and began riding it around the trenches in search of violence. Gruff decided to fly instead. The party came across an area filled with bones. When Grimm poked one, they came together and formed the horrible beast known as Sensuret the Tribe Eater.

It was promptly stolen by Grimm and run ahead like a hunting dog as the party continued on. The aforementioned roc swooped down upon them. Sensuret and a determined counterattack soon dissuaded the bird and it tried to fly away. The deadly accuracy of Tekkit prevented that. The spell commanding Sensuret was about to expire however, so Rowe flicked it in the ankle and the beast immediately fell over and died of paladin powers.


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