Mummy's Mask



The party prepared for the final showdown. The door to Hakotep’s chambers stood open just ahead. Buffs were handed out, and Grimm cast a spell. A rumbling was heard in the earth. Tekkit took cover around the corner and a second spell called a tyrannosaurus into the room. In the room stood four shield guardians and Hakotep, the undead Forgotten Pharaoh himself. The battle was on.

The T.Rex chomped a golem as a gargantuan purple worm leapt from the ground and bit another. Rowe and Barb began rushing into the room as Yimir launched a cryofireball at Hakotep and Hakotep retorted with a meteor swarm at Grimm.The golems were immune to magic as usual. Hakotep was blurred, but this was no defense against Tekkit’s Seeking bow. Tekkit began to riddle Hakotep with arrows, and Hakotep spread the damage out among his bodyguards. The free pair of golems shielded their master. The worm and the dinosaur subdued their construct victims and moved on the remaining ones, the worm gliding through the floor. MIraculously, one of the golems managed to crawl back up the worm’s gullet, only to be spit out and abandoned in the walls of the pyramid. Hakotep’s chain lightning crippled Yimir and forced him out of the battle as Rowe attempted to get past the golems. The worm and T.Rex took down the remaining golems, and Hakotep ability to avoid damage was strained by Tekkit’s unrelentng arrows. Barb approached the Pharaoh and Grimm channeled magic through the mammoth. With a mighty trumpeting, Barb cast Mass Heal and Hakotep was destroyed in the burst of holy light.

The party learned they had to put Hakotep to rest to stop him from returning again. This would require Grimm to take off the mask, but sacrifices must be made. Soon Hakotep’s remains (minus loot) were placed in his sarcophagus and the mask was placed on his face. With all the parts of his soul reunited, Hakotep’s ghost briefly manifested above the party before being dragged away to Pharasma for his long delayed judgement. Grimm then quickly took back the mask.

The party was finally triumphant. After exiting the pyramid and returning to civilization they were welcomed as heroes. Osirian’s rightful Pharaoh, the Ruby Prince himself requested to meet them. The party accepted and traveled to his palace in Sothis. Hark the clockwork servant and the Ahkhat parted ways with the party to open the Enpeycee Memorial Inn. On arrival at the court, Muminofrah greeted the return of Tekkit and the Other Ones warmly. The Ruby Prince thanked them gratefully for saving Osirian and offered them further quests battling against threats from the Dark Tapestry, and the heroes contemplated their future.

The End.

Addendum:Several Months Later.

Several novice adventurers struggled in the streets of Wati’s Dead City as a cackling voice floated around them. The dwarven warrior and a half-elven minstrel had already mortally wounded each other after falling to the voice’s manipulation and enchantments. The human cleric and elf mage looked about nervously, waiting for the final blow. The voice revealed itself as Imanish the Doru Div. Suddenly an angel in shining armor descended from above, splattered the head into goo, healed the wounded and nodded at the adventurers before flying away. The young party wondered what they had done to deserve such fortune.



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