Mummy's Mask

We Are The Champions

The slaves cheered the death of Daat. The Aucun Nom advanced further into the strange work area. Soon they found a small arena surrounded by cheering spectators. A bloodthirsty priest and an apathetic looking woman presided over two terrified peasants up against a bone golem. Grimm swooped in and snatched one out as Rowe leapt into the arena. The paladin dropped his weapon and began fighting the bone golem barehanded. The priest stopped the fight and demanded to know what was going on and why the trial by combat was being disrupted. Rowe declared himself the champion of the prisoners to fight in their stead. The priest was surprised Rowe was willing to die for random strangers, but agreed. The golem lunged back into action, but was somewhat clearly overmatched. Grimm saved the remaining prisoner as the inquisitor questioned the first one about what was going on. The prisoner said that they were being killed for “laziness”. Yimir attempted to kill the golem with a fireball that warped and spun to avoid hitting Rowe. The golem was immune however.

Soon, the golem collapsed. The priest furiously shouted “Again!”. The bored woman waved her amulet and summoned a pair of brass golems that towered over the knight. The priest decreed that the entire party should die. One of the brass golems climbed out of the arena and people fled. All pretense of legality quickly faded. Rowe drew his glaive and fought a golem as Grimm invisibly approached the leaders. Taking his loyal scorpion in his hand, he threw it at them. Barb transformed into a slightly mutated mammoth, all gnashing teeth and skewering tusks.

Yimir tried to help again by blasting the new golems, but the fire healed them instead. Tekkit then decided to join the fray, entering the arena and opening fire. The golem above grabbed the mammoth and wrestled it into the arena. At this point, the party rallied together, focused fire and annihilated the two golems. They went up in spectacularly self destructive blasts. Angrily, the priest threw down the amulet into the arena, declaring the party victorious. The ancient arena faded away, leaving only the amulet and a dusty, ancient arena with a picture of a man fighting a serpent painted on the ground.

The party returned to the acid river and continued to explore. They took some valuable funerary figurines, made it through a dart trap, and repeatedly got sent back by a teleport trap. Finally, the group found the control pyramid’s room. A badly burned woman was chained there. Rowe approached and repeatedly tried to heal her. She claimed to be a priestess of a rival deity of Set, who Hakotep worshipped. For this, she said, she had been trapped in everlasting torment. Tekkit checked her for lies, but found nothing. The woman said she was cursed so she could directly aid the party, but if they let her cast a spell she could. They agreed and the woman summoned several eryines before revealing she was a tentacled monster. Yimir made up for the golem fight by slaughtering a scorching devils with his fire while the mammoth waded in. The “priest” cast mirror images of herself and Grimm countering by giving his mammoth true sight. Tekkit and Rowe picked off images and the mammoth struck her. A spell Grimm had primed in the mammoth forced the tentacled woman to unwillingly dance shortly before being finished off just like Daat.

The party then took the control pyramid and wrecked another squad of Hakotep’s troops.



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