Mummy's Mask

The Life Lantern

I lost my notes, had to go off memory.

After resting, the party returned to the Slave Trenches. A shaitan genie named Tef-Naju came through the wall to meet them. He had been contracted into unwillingly serving Hakotep for many millennia. When the party told him that they had come to bring down Hakotep’s fleet, he agreed to help. Bringing down the ships would technically fulfill his contract. Tef-Naju told them that step one would be acquiring a relic known as the Life Lantern and use it. Tef-Naju took the ones to the complex in which the lantern was stored. Tef-Naju could not enter due to his oaths.

The party went inside and faced numerous foes, such as weapon haunting shades and in the final room, two regular outsiders led by a large demonic creature in a blinding light. The leader was promptly banished by Grimm as the scorpion heroically took down another with Plane Shift. Gruff went insane due to Symbols of Insanity on the lantern. Grimm cured him, but waited a bit longer than necessary in order to enjoy the show.

Some figurines representing Hakotep’s lieutenants were also in the room. All were dead except Tef-Naju and the banished demon. There was a device to use them with, but the dead officers figurines crumbled when used. The party tried the demon and it suddenly reappeared. It put up a stronger fight than expected by summoning many shadow copies of itself. It was soon destroyed by a summoned tyrannosaur and the party’s weapons however.

Tef-Naju told the party that the next target was a black genie leader. The party rested in the Faerie ring before going. Tef-Naju said that he had been visited by his lover during the night. Gruff quickly guessed his lover was the black genie. After carefully preparing to fight the genie, the party invaded the compound and began fighting through the defenses.



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