Mummy's Mask

Patrolling the City


The party rested and recovered back at their base of operations. Tekkit tried and failed to have his bow upgraded at the church as Grimm researched the Sky Pharaoh and the name mentioned in the note. Destroying the Silver Chain base seemed to have dropped Wati’s panic level some. The party heard of trouble at the Law District and set out to investigate.

The party arrived at the Law District to find the ground littered with corpses, but most were lawyers so you take the good with the bad. The eyes had been violently pulled from the bodies. Tamarie suddenly marched into the main building announcing herself as leader of the No-Names. Screams rang out and the party rushed in. Inside four skeletons were restraining a captive woman and a skeleton named Old Eye-Taker Sotenre was declaring her guilty.


Old Eye-taker pulled one of the woman’s eyes out as the party charged. The skeletons jumped all over the enlarged paladin and tried to pull him down.

Tekkit picked off the normal skeletons with blunt arrows and they exploded in bursts of negative energy. Eye-taker tried to take Rowe’s eyes but was destroyed by Tamarie and Rowe. The woman was healed by Grimm but was still missing an eye.

The party continued to patrol the streets, picking off zombies and generally lowering the threat level and panic in this community.

The next major encounter was near the gate that separated the living side of Wati from the necropolis. A massive herd of zombies could be heard outside banging against the gate trying to get in. A cleric was ordering people around. The party approached, showed their official Zombie Patrol badge and began talking with her. Suddenly a raging advanced shadow ghosted out and attacked.


The shadow tore into Tekkit with its umbral claws and tried to turn him into a shade as well. Fortunately, Grimm healed and protected him as best he could as Rowe pulled out a magical khopesh and cut the shade down. The cleric thanked the party and she gave them a CLW wand as a reward. Tekkit was carried back, healed, and restored to his former glory.

The party was trying to convince Tamarie that bards could indeed cast Cure Light Wounds (and wondering what that has to do with music) when a breathless messenger ran up. He yelled “We caught the witch responsible for all this!” and waved for the party to follow. He led the party to a local Club-mart.

Club-Mart was under attack from a furious mob screaming for witch blood. Tamarie began playing her flute to fascinate two of the crowd. Rowe got up in front of the mob and talked most of the would-be witch burners down.


Only four of the mob kept attacking. One rushed the door carrying a rock. Grimm magically pulled his pants down and the man tripped, dropping the rock on his leg. Grimm also scared away two others. Before they could be stopped the last two pig farmers kicked the door in and rushed inside at the ‘witch’. Tekkit sensed evil inside the building. Rowe knocked out a peasant but the last one standing grabbed a club off the shelf.

Screaming about his dead family, the pig farmer then struck the woman in jaw with his club. Fire leapt into Sehhosep the sorceress’s eyes and she killed him with a blast of fire to the face. The party narrowly talked her down. A peasant came over when Tamarie stopped playing her flute and threw a rock at the witch before being knocked out. The rock struck the caged figure behind the woman and it was revealed to be Sehhosep’s newly converted zombie husband. She believed he had returned to her as a gift from the gods but had only lost his mind. The party let the zombie “live” and calmed the woman down. Sehhosep was convinced to lock the zombie away until she is able to find enough money to pay for the powerful 7th level spells needed to restore her husband.

The last major event of the day came when the party heard another woman screaming from an alleyway. This woman had both eyes safely in place, was not a cleric, and was not protecting a captured zombie husband. Her problem were the two zombies that had her cornered.

Suddenly two esobok psychopomps leapt down from above. Esoboks are mad-dog eaters of undead souls in the employ of Pharasma resembling massive lions with crocodile skulls for heads. The esoboks immediately devoured the zombie’s semblance of souls. Still hungry, they turned to the woman. The party approached quickly.

Rowe and Grimm called out to the Esoboks and tried to suggest an alliance. The beasts turned invisible and charged. The beasts reappeared behind Tekkit and Rowe. The esoboks pulled the Paladin and the Inquistor’s respective souls out and chewed on them a bit. The two willed their souls back where they belonged. Tamarie helped Tekkit fight his esobok off as Rowe wrestled his own esobok. Grimm attempted to distrace Rowe’s esobok by sticking his arm in the creature’s jaws. The crocodile headed beasts switched targets to Tamarie and Grimm.

When his esobok was distracted attacking Tamarie, Tekkit killed it before it could chew her soul. Rowe was freed so he brutally beat the esobok with his flail before Tamarie finished it off.



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