Mummy's Mask

Dark Powers: For fun and profit.

Tragically, pictures stopped working here.

After the party defeated Grimm’s clone, Gruff flew in the door and rejoined the party. The party continued exploring the flying structure.A statue of the Forgotten Pharoah tried to curse the party but they all resisted successfully. The taunting statue was then destroyed by Grimm’s stoneshape to extract the Immovable Rods within. Beside the statue was a room containing a tribute to an ancient merchant family. Grimm tagged it with Arcane Mark and the group moved on.

The next chamber contained a tomb with a boat. Inside the boat was a magic boat that could sail across the sand. The party took it. Next up was an mummified, bull-like gorgon. It charged the party and exhaled green smoke at them. It turned Grimm to stone before being put down by Tekkit and Gruff.

Tekkit flew Grimm down to Wati far below and had him cured. There was a moment of tension, but Grimm survived being brought back. Grimm flew himself and Tekkit back up and Tekkit brought Rowe’s dodo along for some reason. Continued explorations uncovered a small pyramid. Wires and technology collected power from a faraway source as the Anonymous Team passed through. Soon the party reached the lair of the fortress’s master.

Isatemkhebet was flanked by a pair of undead harpy guards and two pools containing elder water elementals that would lash out at anything that came near. Grimm simply grinned and cast his new spell, Control Undead. The two hijacked guards promptly attacked the general moments before Rowe flew over and slew her with one Undead Scourging blow.

The triumph of the moment was undercut when the pyramid suddenly dropped out of the sky. In the moment before impact Grimm cast one of his more obscure spells and teleported the party away into a peaceful meadow.

Along with the party, Grimm also saved the two harpies so he could make them fight to the death for his amusement. The winner was then executed. The party healed up and flew back to the ground in the normal world where they were praised by the yet again rescued citizens of Wati. The party then dug up loot and set the Akhat to repair it in hopes of getting it operational again. However, they found a magical tablet that allowed communication with the Forgotten Pharaoh. After an exchange of words, opinions, and promises, The Pharaoh cut off power to the pyramid. Sadly, this meant the party would likely never get to fly the thing.

The party Wind to go destroy the power source of the Pharaoh’s fleet for ostensibly non-vengance related reasons. They soon arrived at…The Slave Trenches of Hakotep! They briefly scouted around and then landed near a massive clock counting down to an unknown time. Many scholars had gone mad trying to puzzle it out. Before anyone could go mad, a huge evil, vulture-sphinx named Khai-Utef appeared.

Khai tried to persuade the party to kill a roc rival of his. Unfortunately for him, this was the Anonymous Squadron. Grimm summoned a tyrannosaur to the field. The attack soon overwhelmed Khai before Gruff finished him off. The party got out their sand boat and began riding it around the trenches in search of violence. Gruff decided to fly instead. The party came across an area filled with bones. When Grimm poked one, they came together and formed the horrible beast known as Sensuret the Tribe Eater.

It was promptly stolen by Grimm and run ahead like a hunting dog as the party continued on. The aforementioned roc swooped down upon them. Sensuret and a determined counterattack soon dissuaded the bird and it tried to fly away. The deadly accuracy of Tekkit prevented that. The spell commanding Sensuret was about to expire however, so Rowe flicked it in the ankle and the beast immediately fell over and died of paladin powers.



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