Ushabti the Willing Servent


This small stone figurine depicts a mummiform servant holding carved tools in its crossed arms. It appears similar to the funerary figurines called ushabti frequently found buried with the deceased in Osirian tombs. Upon command, an ushabti of the willing servant conjures a ghostly attendant that performs simple duties or manual labor at its owner’s behest, as an unseen servant.

The ghostly attendant remains for 1 hour at a time, and cannot move farther than 30 feet from its ushabti. If the ushabti’s owner inscribes his or her own name on the figurine (which requires a successful DC 10 Craft (Scu1pture) or the ushabti of the willing servant gains an additional power. While it can still summon an unseen servant, the owner can command the ushabti to instead summon a ghostly warrior to fight and defend its owner.

This warrior functions as a spiritual ally (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide 246) armed with a flail for 7 rounds. Once an ushabti of the willing servant has been used to conjure a spiritual ally in this way, the ushabti loses all of its magic, becoming only a mundane figurine.


Ushabti the Willing Servent

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