Treasure List and Treasure Pick Order



Treasure: The chest contains two potions of cure light wounds and one potion of darkvision.

Also inside the chest are two books with thin, gold-plated metal sheets for pages. The fist is a brief biography of Akhentepi, and the second is a list and description of the various military campaigns conducted by the nation of Osirion between 2350 and 2450 AR.

Each book weighs 25 pounds and is worth 300gp. The chariot can also be considered an art piece or antiquity, but it must be disassembled, moved, and put back together, requiring a successful DC is Craf (carpentry) or Profession (driver) check. If successfully removed from the tomb and reconstructed, the chariot is worth 100gp, or 150gp if restored.

Treasure: Four masks are gold-plated and worth 75gp.

Treasure: Most of the arms and armor on the racks are mundane items, but Akhentepi’s khopesh and spear are both masterwork weapons. The composite shortbow is still serviceable, but its string has deteriorated, and must be replaced before the weapon can be used.

The scarab shaped steel shield is a magic scarab shield.

The chests are of good craftsmanship but less ornate than the one fond previously. None of the chests are locked or trapped, but each has been sealed with wax. They contain a sack with a 100gp and 42 sp, and several scroll tubes holding papyrus records, private memos, expense ledgers, speeches, and private correspondence. Among the papers are discussions regarding the unfinished tomb of Akhentepi’s mistress.

There is little else of interest in the papers, but to a collector or Osirionologist, these documents are worth 250gp total if undamaged.

The clay urn is also sealed with wax and contains nard, an expensive, oily perfume, worth 75gp.

Treasure: There is no significant treasure in this chamber, but the false sarcophagus is trimmed with gold leaf to entice grave robbers. A PC can salvage gold leaf worth 50gp with 30 minutes of concerted effort.

Treasure: None of the chests and boxes in the room are locked, as the items within them were the most personal to Akhentepi, and his soul might want to have immediate access to them. Most of the goods in the chests, such as once-fine clothing and sealed jars of food, no longer have any value after the passage of centuries, but among the spoiled and ruined grave goods are several salvageable items of value, including two vials of silversheen, a masterwork longbow, 10 cold iron arrows, a gold scarab clasp worth 50gp, an onyx and silver holy symbol of Pharasma worth 100gp, a silver hand mirror worth 35gp, and a wax-sealed clay urn of nard worth 75gp.

Treasure: The gold leaf decorating the sarcophagus is worth a total of 100gp, if enough time is spent to salvage all of it. Inside the sarcophagus, Akhentepi’s mummified corpse wears an exquisitely crafted gold funerary mask worth 500gp. One of the chests contains Akhentepi’s armor, the magic suit of padded armor he wore in life. The other chest holds a disintegrating cloth sack filed with 500gp, as well as a small, well-preserved darkwood coffer worth 50gp. Inside the coffer is a potion of darkvision, a potion of lesser restoration, an ornate lapis and carnelian pendant worth 70gp, and an assortment of carnelian, lapis lazuli, and turquoise semiprecious stones worth a total of 55gp.


Treasure List and Treasure Pick Order

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