Mummy's Mask

The Water Temple

Yimir unleashed fire as the muddy giants descended on the group. The flame oracle brought one down just in time for Rowe to finish it off. Then Grimm got free, threw out some banishments and the fight was over. With that, the new section of the pyramid was open. It was marked by artwork depicting a legendary hydrodaemon. An indoor canal extended into the halls as three skeletal figures on three ominous ferries sailed in. Each demanded payment.

After several minutes of haggling, Tekkit paid the right amount and began exploring the complex. They found several mechanical statues of a demonic hippo man, and solved their puzzle to unlock a gate. Behind the gate was a small underwater archway. Water breathing spells were handed out and the group entered. The found an unnaturally dark chamber where seaweed floated in the gloom. Grimm flushed the water away, but it rushed back. The shaman noticed it was all an illusion and was about to shout a warning before he was skewered. Keshenerek the div (A evil corrupted genie from the lower planes.) attacked. It’s stealthy spears surely sought savagery. Yimir tried to blast it, but his fireballs were extinguished by the water. Grimm recovered and stunned Keshenerek with a slumber hex just before Rowe killed it.

Rowe quickly regretted his lack of mercy and suggested that Grimm reincarnate the fiend. The dwarf laughed heartily at the probable consequences of the spell. He could almost see it: Keshenerek the terrible warlord, returned to life as a completely ineffectual and harmless halfling. He relished in the thought of Keshenerek complaining and weeping at his new situation. Outsiders are immune to Reincarnate, so it could never happen though. The group found the control pyramid and dropped another group of Hakotep’s pyramids to the ground. In uninhabited areas of course.

The party rested in the fairy ring and then got back to work. The third of four dungeons was next. It seemed to be the “earth dungeon”. The party used earthglide to get around traps and came to a river of red, acidic gelatin with a puzzle needed to pass. The party used magic and just tanked the pool rather than deal with another riddle or rhyme. They exited into a room with many sarcophagi that somehow didn’t explode into an undead battle.

The next sign of life was a bizarre sight. Workers labored to build a room. Some conversation indicated that they seemed to living workers loyal to Hakotep who believed that they were still in the era of Hakotep’s original reign thousands of years ago. They repeatedly warned the party to get to work before Hussef Daat showed up to give them a “sting of the whip”. The party was undeterred and soon Daat did show up with a pair of barbed devils. Daat demanded that the party bow and explain why they weren’t working as the workers knowingly fled. Since they did not immediately comply, Daat unleashed a devastating storm of fire and acid that could annihilate a small army. The party shrugged it off through immunities and resistances. The devils charged and were largely mowed down in a hail of inquisitor arrows before being finished off by Yimir a moment later. Grimm charged and punched Daat. Daat began to unwillingly dance a jovial jig. Tekkit then arrowed Daat to death, completing the cruel overseer’s humiliating defeat.



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