Mummy's Mask

The sky is falling


The party explored the maze-like home of Agazuberi the black genie.The first room they entered was covered in sand that quickly revealed itself to be a pair of living sandstorms. There was a moment of worry as weapons swept harmlessly through the sand. Grimm then cast both the storms into another world with Plane Shift spells. After that the group explored an area lined with traps. The group bounced the spells off their various saves and immunities as they cleaned up treasure. It was a good day.

Approaching Agazuberi’s chambers, the group found a mighty and likely trapped and locked door. Grimm promptly stoneshaped the door frame away. The door thumped to the floor and revealed four “great ghul” undead genies. Grimm brought in a T-rex and the ghuls all used greater invisibility. After a long and brutal fight, the group located and slew each of the ghuls in turn.

In the next room waited Agazuberi. The rex opened the door and the final battle began. The final battle then immediately ended as Grimm chucked her back to whatever elemental plane from which she spawned. The party then looted and inspected the room.

When the No-names were finished they returned outside. Tefna-Ju was waiting for them with his lover Aiveria. Tefna took the party and they probably had a battle with elementals beneath a spire. Then the party’s plans finally came to fruition. Lightning raked the sky as the pyramid of Hakotep approached for an unwanted landing. Giant undead rose from the earth before dying where they stood. The pyramid touched down in a cloud of dust as the stage was set for the Nameless VS the Forgotten.

The party then went shopping instead and came back later. Rowe renewed his paladin license by curing several blind and sick commoners. While at Wati, Yimir returned. He informed Gruff that his great-great uncle Grumpy, Overseer of a distant fortress, had been devoured by an otyugh while doing an inspection of his fortresses sanitation system. Normally, such a distant relation should not involve Grimm. However, on that day a family reunion had been taking place to celebrate the gains of all the Dwarf Business Grimm and Gruff had done. Unfortunately, the otyugh had responded poorly to the peculiar spices of Grumpy’s last meal. Driven berserk, it managed to make its way upstairs and devour every heir between Grumpy and Gruff before being put down by a rather ingenious plan by the local menagerie. A succession war would likely result if the throne remained unclaimed even after all the pumas had been recovered.

And so, Gruff was permanently called away by the ever inconvenient Dwarf Business. His reach shenanigans and battlefield tactics would be sorely missed. However, Yimir rejoined the party. He was sure to be a powerful aid to the group.

The party returned to the pyramid. They decided to start by flying up to the top of the tower. Suddenly two giant flying scorpions appeared and started snatching people up in their claws and delivering deadly stings. Yimir and Tekkit were soon on the verge of death. Eventually, Tekkit was freed and his pounding arrows and a revived Yimir’s blasts took down the scorpions.

A woman appeared atop the pyramid. She introduced herself as a prophet of Hakotep and attempted to monologue at the party. The party was unimpressed judging from the torrent of mockery.



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