Mummy's Mask

The Mobster Mash


Although Tekkit and the paladin were reluctant to leave the battle, Tamarie was dying of mummy rot and Grimm needed to recharge spells. The party hurried through the chaos to the temple of Nethys. The temple was filled with a desperate mob of people bringing in their wounded and dying, begging for aid. The overwhelmed priests were turning everyone away. The party was called up on sight however and hired to fight the undead.

As long as the party was helping the defense they got a free pass for healing. The crowd burned with envy at the party’s seeming special treatment. Tekkit helped by casting a Cure spells for the civilians. The party was healed up and went looking for Ptemenib since he seemed like the only lead the group had. Idorii stayed behind to work for the church.

The party came across a group of 8 looters robbing a man trying to escape Wati with his cart. The party quickly killed them all or drove them away. As the looters retreated one of the fallen thugs rose again as a wight.


Tekkit and Grimm shot the Wight shortly before Rowe crushed it. The cart driver was grateful for the rescue and gave the party some magic Seer’s Tea. The party moved along and was soon interrupted by a squeaky voice crying out “Wait Wait!” It was a terrified psychopomp named Qasin.


Rowe calmed Qasin down a bit and she explained that she was working for Ptemenib. Ptemenib was investigating the Silver Chain, an organized crime group, and had been kidnapped by them.

The party followed Qasin to the Silver Chain’s hideout. Two Silver Chain guards were standing at the door.


Rowe charged in and the two thugs attacked him. Tamarie charged in as well. A thug stepped out behind her and brutally stabbed Tamarie in the back. Fortunately she was heroically saved by Tekkit. Meanwhile Grimm turned Rowe into a giant. Rowe killed one thug and left the other alive but unconscious.

The party looted and Grimm Arcane marked the living thug on the ass. Inside the front door was a room containing 30lbs of saffron and a dark staircase leading down into the base. A rope was tied to Tamarie and she silently stepped down the stairs. Her silence was followed by earsplitting metal shrieks and a cacophony of clanks as the 12ft tall knight squeezed down the stairs. Grimm and Tekkit also went down the steps. Tamarie somehow fell into a pit trap but was protected by the rope.

At the bottom of the stairs was what seemed like a warehouse chamber full of boxes and cages. The group entered and Tekkit detected Evil. All could smell “The leathery stench of death.” Out from behind some objects floated a Tekenu, a horrible undead mass of human organs seeking to assimilate more organs into itself.


Rowe rushed up and brought his flail down on the Tekenu. His mighty blow was hard to stomach but the creature disabled him with brutal gut-punches. Tamarie, Tekkit, and Grimm stabbed shot and cursed the Tekenu, but it had the guts to keep standing. Rowe managed another blow that was more than skin deep but was brought down by a kidney punch.

Before the monster could cause the knight to lose heart Grimm stepped in and healed Rowe. Still badly wounded, Rowe crawled back and Tamarie gave him a hand by stabbing the Tekenu. She might have lost her head if Tekkit’s arrows hadn’t cut to the heart of the matter dropping it.

The group looted and Qasim found Ptemenib’s possessions. Rowe went back to normal size. the next room was a dock leading into a watery tunnel with two guards and a trained hyena.


The guards and their hyena attacked and were quickly killed. The next door was blocked off with planks so the party pried it open with a crowbar. For some reason the 7 strength Grimm did it. Inside was a alchemy lab full of poison gas. A dead body was laying on the floor. The gas caused Tekkit to become confused but Grimm cured him. The corpse was wearing a funerary mask and carried among its gear a note.

The note said:
“Your sects efforts have been exemplary so far; but there is much yet to be done. The necropolis of Wati will soon be opened, and we might find clues that have been hidden for too long. Transportation and means of communication will be provided. A gang of grave robbers called the Silver Chain will provide you with the cover and resources you need to continue the search. Once you arrive in the city, infiltrate this Silver Chain and bend them to His divine will. Move quickly. Once the Pharasmins open the necropolis to explorers, we run the risk of outsiders finding the mask first. Succeed, and Hakotep’s moment of resurrection will soon be at hand. I do not need to tell you how much I would loathe expressing the Sky Pharaoh’s displeasure should you fail. -Meret-Hetef”

Grimm Marked the body and the party moved on. Tamarie scouted ahead. The next room was full of wells, tables with chairs and a bar. Tamarie called the group up and checked all the wells. Soon she found Ptemenib at the bottom of a well. The party pulled him up and returned his vestments. Ptemenib thanked the party and gave them a magic figurine that could summon a Unseen Servant as a reward. Ptemenib was too exhausted to help beyond healing the party and corroborating Qasim’s story. Ptemenim warned the group that there was a boss fight in the next room against a man in a gold funerary mask named Ekram Iffek. The party went in. A chest sat in the room. Tamarie crept up to open and suddenly Ekram theatrically jumped out.

Ekram opened the battle by stabbing Grimm and tripping Rowe. The party retaliated and badly wounded Ekram so he ran out of the room while deftly avoiding attempts to stop him. Ekram made it all the way to the door. He swung it open and was shot down by Tekkit. Grimm found a secret door as the group looted before heading back to the temple of Nethys.



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