Mummy's Mask

Na na na na Iron Tam!

Sessions 17&18


The blinding light of the birds was so intense that Gruff was blown away into the horizon and Tamarie got her class abilities rearranged. She turned into a gunslinging rogue. Despite this, the party won the day. Tekkit’s increasingly and immensely deadly arrows were instrumental. During the fight, Rowe showed his new power to turn into an angel.


They the found the crown they were looking for and returned it to Zereletan. Zereletan gave the party a choice of rewards from his stash of magic items and the party chose a mysterious metal triangle.
The party went to explore the desert to the north. They next found an obelisk standing in the desert.


At the base was a burnt corpse. The party detected the trap on the obelisk and Tamarie tried to disable it. She wore it down dodging lightning bolt after lightning bolt from failed attempts to disable before eventually stopping it. The party used it to give their weapons lightning powers for a week. The corpse was a merchant who had fallen afoul of the seemingly pointless trap.

Next up was a ruin full of winged cat people called maftets. Tam took the lead on diplomacy and the group went to meet their leader, Erayu.


Erayu told the party that he knew where the Sightless Sphinx was and he would tell them if they cleared out their stolen fort for them. The party agreed and headed out.

On arrival, Tekkit and Tamarie tried to sneak up to the fort. They were soon spotted by a demonic creature on the walls and attacked with a wall of fire after an attempt at diplomacy failed. A second demonic creature and a sand drake joined the battle.


Rowe flew in, Tekkit unleashed an onslaught of arrows, and Tamarie used her new pistol as the group battled and eventually was victorious. The party looted. Among the drake’s horde was a strange triangular rod that Tamarie & Co claimed. The party searched the fort and found a trapdoor in the first room they checked. The party went in and was attacked by a huge earth elemental inside.


Tekkit was unable to get around its damage resistance so the elemenal killed Tamarie and brutally beat Rowe before the party retreated. The party returned to the maftet camp. Tamarie was raised and a long while was spent planning for the rematch. Finally the party returned to the temple and this time took down the golem. Tekkit had learned what arrows to use and Rowe kept it busy by healing himself as fast as he was injured.

The party went through the door the elemental had been guarding. It was a temple to Sekmet. Tekkit had See Invisibility up, so he spotted a Shaitan monk named named Picasi.


Picasi attacked the party and repeatedly knocked down the party members before finally being driven off by Tekkit’s arrows. The party looted the room.

The party then went upstairs and into the fort’s tower. Inside was the monk and an initially invisible efreet named Kixexa.


After a fight that could have been much more dangerous had the party been more reckless the genies were defeated. The party returned to Erayu and told him that the fort was free for them to use again. Erayu thanked them and told the Nameless ones where the Sightless Sphinx was. He also sadly warned them of insane maftets from his tribe. Before going to the Sphinx the party decided to do other things. With much difficulty the party managed to identify the triangle and the rod as the battery and CPU of an unknown automation. Perhaps Hark the robot would soon have a friend.

The party then decided to go to the “symmetry garden” depicted on a map. They saw a maze there with a golem in the center and a cave. The group went in the cave and swiftly saw the sapphire serpent.


With wretched winged wrath, wyrm would wish wanderers woe. Tempestuous thunder thrown through terrible teeth traumatized Tamarie to torpor. Proud paladin powerfully pummeled pugnacious predator preferentially. Accurate archer abrupty annihilated arrogant aerial aggressor.

Then they healed Tamarie, and Rowe held Tekkit out of reach so he could kill the golem without difficulty.

The party then finally decided to go to the Sphinx. The party passed through some rocks on the way. In the middle stood a bronze golem.


Tamarie approached and found a hatch in the back. She opened it just as three cultists attacked. Tekkit arrowed two of the cult as Tamarie placed the rod and triangle into slots in the machine, which was full of controls on the inside. It was a mecha that was now controlled by Tamarie. She chased down and attacked a cultist before the group killed him.

The group marched off and arrived at the Sphinx. It was a titanic structure made to look like a black and monstrous sphinx. There was a massive shadow on the side so the party visited that first. It was full of the scorpion people they had been looking for. The group almost caused a disaster but soon met the leader and returned the dead scout’s corpse. The leader was grateful for the return of his nephew’s corpse and agreed to let the party go unhurt. He did warn them that the members of his tribe inside the Sphinx were less sane then he was.


The group approached the dungeon. The large doors were inscribed with a riddle and a depiction of planets. Riddles are annoying though so they quickly found a side entrance and used that instead. Tamarie was forced to park her mech outside due to the small entrance.

The group entered and walked through some creepy cult stuff before meeting a male maftet who demanded they answer a riddle. After he was beaten unconscious they moved on into some sort of altar chamber. A burrowing undead attacked. It cursed Tamarie and was backhanded to death by Rowe. They who have no name opened a nearby door and met an undead who afflicted them all with a cliffhanger!



Na na na na Iron Tam!


Na na na na Iron Tam!

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