Mummy's Mask

Mammoth Damage Rules

The No-Names rested and geared up to enter the penultimate dungeon. On the gate, artwork of a demon lord demanded a trade of human sacrifice for entry. The party decided that they would have none of that however and tampered with the door to enter. The door slid open and a massive heat wave washed over the party. As could be presumed from the prior themes, this was the fire dungeon. The party began clearing the dungeon, knowing the drill well at this point. Four oven-like constructs that would have boiled the Anon’s in lava were dispatched.

The party found a maze and began exploring it, Barb the mammoth leading the way. A sun trap blocked the way and Barb attempted to disable it. She failed and was blinded for a moment by the flash after nimbly dodging the explosion. Rowe healed the mammoth and the party continued exploring the maze. After reaching the sun room twice more, the party began leaving a bread crumb trail of Arcane Marks. Barb tried to disable another trap and took a significant blast, but dodged it away and stopped the rest with fire resistance.

Finally, the party reached the end of the maze. A wall of green rocks blocked the exit, but was smashed by Barb. On the other side was a room with a puzzle involving sorting the Osirian pantheon. The party completed it and got the treasure. Elsewhere, a force field and lava rivers blocked access to a gem. Yimir transformed into a fire elemental and swam through the lava, easily claiming the gem.A door with a pair of arrow-slit like slots required great strength to get through. First Barb attempted to push it down, but failed. Then Tekkit went and was similarly unsuccessful. Rowe eventually did it, but then the party noticed the lever that would have simply opened the door.

On the other side was a “priest”. The false cleric claimed innocence and was immediately called out on it by Tekkit, who also detected his evil alignment. The cleric was actually a vampire inquisitor in Hakotep’s service. Three invisible vampires appeared as battle was joined. Tekkit rained arrows as Grimm hexed and Yimir blasted. Barb took on the vampires as Rowe charged the inquisitor, who chose to fight him in melee. The inquisitor was faster, so he pronounced judgement and landed several respectable hits. And then the undead scourge tore him apart, and it was good. The other vampires swiftly followed. The control pyramid was nearby, so the party smashed what remained of the fleet. Finally, the fleet was destroyed and Hakotep was vulnerable. The party entered the final dungeon and cleared it with surprisingly little incident.

Tam’s Irregulars were now ready to face Hakotep and make him pay for his crimes, such as the undead plague in Wati, countless murders of his own people, bombarding Osirian cities, the deaths of Tamarie and Tev the dodo (but mostly Tev), and trying to steal Grimm’s mask.



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