Mummy's Mask

It's 10pm. Do you know where your corpses are?

Return of the Bard


The party made it to the valley of the pyramid they were searching while following footprints of the cultists. They were searching for the remains of Chisisek, the architect who built the Forgotten Pharoah’s tomb. A giant and a pair of cultists tried to stop the party outside. Unfortunately for them, Tek unleashed a spray of vicious arrows and Gruff mopped up the survivors. Several cultists tried to reinforce, but were slaughtered. Jamirah the lamia cult leader also emerged to fight the party.

She wounded Rowe as he charged but was also overwhelmed. The party entered the tomb and saw two lamias who were tormenting a cultist.


The cultist died defending the monsters as the party wiped them out. The party looked around the open interior of the tomb and saw a gynosphinx imprisoned in stasis nearby. After a bit of debate the party freed her.


Once free, she said that she was the daughter of the sphinx who used to guard Chisisek’s tomb. The party convinced her to take them to his tomb so they could stop the cult. They got inside and saw a massive clockwork golem.


Despite attempts to reason with it, Chisisek’s machine had to be destroyed. The party did research around the tomb and found that the Forgotten Pharoah’s tomb was actually a massive flying pyramid. To find it the party would need to track down Chisisek at the Sightless Sphinx cult base. The friendly sphinx told the party that it was “to the north”. The party headed off to comb the desert.


Suddenly, Tamarie unexpectedly appeared. She told Grimm that he had urgent dwarf business back home and took his place in the party. After she was welcomed back the party began searching the first section of the desert. They found a souleating baykok undead feeding on a dead scorpionman.


The baykok was surprisingly tough, but the party brought it down after a brief chase. The party then used a magic item to speak to the dead scorpion. Its name was Decarti, and it was a scout for a nearby tribe. Its people’s burial rites meant that it wanted the party to inform the rest of its tribe, who were also to the north.

Next was a ruined temple to Sarenrae. (Neutral Good deity of healing, redemption, battling evil and the sun.) Inside was a man named Zereletan. Zereletan declared that he had claimed the temple and that he was studying it. He refused to even speak with Tamarie. This was because he hated women and not simple forewarning. Rowe diplomacized Zereletan but lost progress when Zereletan asked why they allowed a woman to follow them. Rowe’s claim that she was the leader nearly got them kicked out. Eventually They Who Shall Not Be Named accepted a mission from Zereletan to find a crown he had lost in a nearby river to the north.

The party traveled out to the river. Standing in the water were four golden ibis birds. They seemed like they might be agressive, but Tamarie attempted to tame them. The attempt failed and the birds attacked. They radiated searing light that blinded Tamarie and Tekkit while Rowe and Gruff resisted. The birds circled around the party and the two sides charged into battle.



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