Mummy's Mask

In the trenches

The party continued exploring the slave trenches. A grey, unnaturally clean grey disc was soon found. Gruff poked, prodded and danced upon the disc but was unable to provoke a response so the group looked elsewhere. They passed by statues of Osirian deities that dominated the trenches. Soon, evil was detected. A pair of multi-armed and skeletal ossumentals leapt out.

One of them was promptly struck and killed by Rowe as Gruff and Tekkit took apart the other. The party had grown very efficient undead slaying. Another statue and a sand waterfall went by until the group found a tomb. Sending the dodo ahead as (crossed out bait) a scout, the party entered. Suddenly Beken-Tofra the mythic elder earth elemental appeared and aggressively approached the party.

Gruff attempted to banish it from reality, but it just managed to resist. The party avoided its petrifying blows and slew it after a tense struggle. The party then entered the tomb. An antigravity pit trap and rocks blocking the way were quickly bypassed. There was also a portal to unknown places ignored by the Guy From Planescape brigade. The party soon arrived at a room guarded by a hippo-headed golem. It was powerful, but not equipped to stand up to the endless torrent of Tekkit’s arrows. Several magic scrolls were in the room, guarded by magical traps. Grimm sent in smoke mephits to gather them.

All the mephits, one by one, turned to stone. Then Grimm remembered he had the Gust of Wind spell ready and just used that. One of the scrolls was Limited Wish. Perhaps it would come into play later. Near the end of the tomb’s winding tunnels was a massive collection of clay jars that radiated slight necromancy. One however had a strong aura. Carvings covered the walls, disturbing images of ancient Shory priests eating centipedes out of the jars. Grimm realized that the centipedes were an ancient method of storing power for others to use. Armed with knowledge, Gruff went to eat the strongest bug.

When he ate it he got a small bonus to a future skill check and attacked by a ghost. A Protection From Evil spell shut down the possession attempt, and then Grimm lied that he was Pharaoh Hakotep. The ghost tried to fool the party with lies, but Tekkit the lie detector saw through him. A fight broke out and Protection from Evil spells blocked his spells. The fight soon ended when Grimm turned the ghost partially solid, lining him up for a deadly punch in the face from Rowe.

The party then stole all 36 jars and left for the next room. The next room was filled with similar jars. Darkness spread throughout the room as cenovath hellwasps swarmed in.
Their dexterity draining poisons almost began to drop party members, but they were fought off. Tekkit shot some of them out of the air during the fight.

The final room of the tomb was where the second step in bringing down Hakotep’s fortress was kept. 4 many eyed mummified bogeymen called kalnaka attacked the party. They were quickly and soundly defeated as two tore each other apart under Grimm’s influence while Rowe’s power, Tekkit’s bow and Gruff’s flail raced to pick off the other two. The party looted and then rested in the faerie ring.



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