Mummy's Mask

Hats off!


A stranger entered the Tooth and Hookah. Allegedly, he was Barboucar Al-Nethys, Wizard/Cleric of Nethys.

Barboucar went to the bartender and explained he was looking to join a group exploring the Necropolis. The bartender pointed him to the Scorched Hand and the group probably referred to as The Unknown. Barboucar approached the Unknown’s table and introduced himself. Tamarie claimed to be the team’s leader much to the rest of the groups skepticism and bemusement. Although Tekkit was suspicious of the newcomer, the rest of the party welcomed Barboucar to the group.

The party returned to finish exploring/looting the Temple of Nethys. As the party walked back to where they had been something tried and failed to cast a spell on Barboucar. The party explored some more chambers. Gruff smashed his way into a hallway, and a blade scythed out at the party. The trap reset but Tamarie disabled it. The party explored through the halls and went up the stairs. At the top was a statue of Nethys that when approached animated and demanded that the party leave and repent.


The party attacked it and that wall-inhabiting creature from before joined the battle. The party chased off the wall monster and killed the statue. Unfortunately, Barboucar was enchanted into walking away to go repent back in town. Badly wounded by the monsters, Sir Rowe ran after him and convinced him to repent at the Nethys statue nearby. Barboucar went to the statue and tried to explain himself to the taunting voice. When he mentioned the voice to Rowe the paladin recognized the party’s floating head tormentor’s influence and they quickly returned upstairs. The head creature began to occasionally taunt the party after this.

Back together, the party healed and then investigated some dry, bloody footprints in the sand Tekkit had spotted during the battle. The footprints seemed to be about a day old and appeared to lead out of the temple. Moving on, the party found at the other end of the footprints a once-secret door hanging slightly ajar. Beyond the door was a secret room with a statue. The party cautiously entered, and then something like a centipede made of skeletons appeared.


The monster began a dance of death that released sinister magic that failed to affect anyone before being destroyed. In the next room was a throne atop a platform and three columns depicting favored servants of Nethys. Tamarie entered the room, and the sculptures animated and attacked! (Obviously.) Tamarie made a beeline for the throne as Gruff charged and Tekkit opened fire. Their weapons shattered on impact with the statues, and Rowe switched to the Adamantine flail. Two statues advanced on Tamarie as she approached the throne and Gruff began dueling another.

Rowe charged in an attempt to protect Tamarie. Tekkit shot down the statue battling Gruff, and Barboucar cast Enlarge Person on Rowe. The giant paladin smashed a statue that was about to kill Tamarie and she responded by casually sitting in the throne to play a tune on her flute. Gruff attacked the last statue as his many broken weapons began to litter the floor at his feet. Finally, he stabbed it in the throat with his last dagger as Rowe crashed the flail down on its back.

After looting as usual, the party moved to a locked gate blocking a room. Tamarie began to pick the lock, and several figures stepped out from behind columns in the room. It was the Scorched Hand from back in town.


The Scorched Hand was trespassing on the party’s claim as they felt that it was their holy and divine right as followers of Nethys to do so. They suggested they and the party join forces and split the loot. The party backed off to discuss the idea. Gruff and Tekkit wanted to kill them for stealing from the party while Tamarie and Rowe were against it.

Barboucar was undecided, and had just begun a speech explaining his position to both sides when Tekkit opened fire. Rowe and Gruff began trying to break down the gate when one of the Hand stepped forward and Color Sprayed Rowe and Tamarie, handily removing the two members of the party who wanted to let the Hand live. Idorii (The Hand’s female half-elf fighter/rogue) and Zazu (A Hand member’s scorpion familiar) snuck around behind the party and back-stabbed Tamarie and Barboucar respectively.

Gruff broke down the gate and charged the entire rest of the Scorched Hand, all the while keeping an eye on his main target—Velriana and her jaunty hat. Gruff killed them all with some help from the rest of the party. Tekkit shot Zazu off Barboucar and Idorii surrendered.

Gruff collected the spoils of victory.




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