Mummy's Mask

Hat from beyond the grave


The juvenile crystal dragon Shardizhad rushed at the party. Grimm allowed Rowe to fly and he took to the air. Grimm and Rowe tried to talk the dragon out of attacking because Tekkit had detected that it wasn’t evil. It didn’t listen, but Rowe almost got through to it.

Shardizhad cast a Color Spray that stunned Grimm. As the party resisted and began to retaliate, it indignantly screamed that they were cheating. That rather mundane tantrum was followed by the dragon’s sonic breath weapon which nearly killed Tekkit. Rowe charged, Tekkit fired arrows, Tamarie sang, and Grimm healed Tekkit. Rowe then killed the dragon after a quick exchange of blows.

Apparently it was actually Chaotic Good. Meh.

“We barely knew ye…”

The party gave it a moment of silence before they moved on to more important things like loot and glory.

The party took Shardizhad’s treasure. The dragon had removed a part from the lens and placed it in the hoard, but Grimm thought he could fix it. As Grimm puzzled the contraption back together over the better part of an hour a hand grabbed Tamarie and unleashed a terrible shriek.


Velriana had returned as a vengence-crazed revenant. Her new hat had traded a jaunty bearing for pure hatefulness. Tekkit and Tamarie were shaken with fear by the horrible shrieks of the new hat’s host, and Velriana threw Tamarie off the building who landed with a sickening thud. Grimm enlarged Rowe as he battled Vel. She grappled and clawed at Rowe as he repeatedly used Lay on Hands to heal himself. The party attacked (accept for Grimm) and eventually Vel took the fight over the side of the building. Tekkit shot Vel in the back as Tamarie ran up to heal Rowe. Vel switched targets and grabbed the bard. Rowe was freed and proceeded to crush Vel’s hat and skull with a single blow. After the battle, Grimm went back to work and fixed the lens an hour later. It seemed like the party would need another active lens to make it work though.

The party rested and then went to visit the Xotl Dark Folk clan for information as Ptemenib had advised.


Before arrival, a suspicious Grimm cast Protection From Evil on Tekkit and Rowe. The Xotl answered cautiously and Tamarie led the awkward negotiations. The dark folk were underground dwellers who wore wrappings to protect themselves from the sun. They were very curious about the surface world. The party was given an audience with the creatures’ leader, Unwrapped Harmony. She agreed to give the party what they needed but demanded a service in return. She wanted them to kill a necromancer who had once been one of their own. His name was… Gaunt Cadaver—or at least that was his nick name growing up.


The party agreed and traveled to the walled estate of Gaunt Cadaver. Tamarie saw lumps in the ground outside and the party flew over the wall into the courtyard. The party looked around and opened a door. Behind it was three small Dark Folk. They turned and Tamarie tried to talk them down after Rowe saw they didn’t appear evil. The talks quickly broke down into a fight. The first two slashed at Tamarie. The remaining one caused magical darkness but was quickly countered by Rowe and Tekkit. Grimm used magic to scare one away. Tamarie was cut and affected by a mild poison before magically rendering her attacker unconscious. The last one was knocked out by Rowe. Surprisingly, none of the creatures had died. Grimm looked ready to fix that as soon as the party turned their back on him.


The sound of reinforcements approaching could be heard nearby.



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