Mummy's Mask

Deaths and Returns


Those Who Are Without All Nomenclature returned to town to rest. While they were there, Team Riddle happened upon a pair of adventurers who were eager to join them.


They were Cog Tosh the human ranger and Yimir the human-dragon-orc-sorceror-flame oracle of Chaldria.

The group returned to the Sphinx. In the first room was a pair of unarmed scorpionmen relaxing in a pool. Some sort of dark shape was in the water with them.The party immediately convinced the surprised scorpions to go away peacefully, hoping they would simply leave. The party then looted the room and poked at the rock before moving on.

Next was a room with a pair of monks. As the party charged, Rathos the crocodile man attacked.


Rathos let out a frightening shriek as a monk stunned Cog. The party rallied behind Gruff however and defeated him. So ended the tale of Rathos, who wished to be the mightiest warrior for a hundred miles and became a monster.

The next door was kicked down by Gruff, then kicked again by Rowe, and then kicked again by the dwarf and the angel knight simultaneously.

Rowe walked in to scout out the room and a horde of monks, giant scorpions, and scorpionmen charged out. 4 crossbow bolts bounced off Rowe. Yimir then revealed that he was cut from the same cloth as Tekkit as he blew away half the room in a pair firealls and left the rest for the party to clean up.


Among the enemy dead were the two scorpionmen the party had spared earlier. The party then entered a room with shifting images of Sekmet on the walls. Gruff stepped in first and given a horrible curse for all of two seconds before Rowe lifted it. Some of the others fell to the curse and were cured in the same way. The curse seemed to be caused by images of Sekmet that the Forgotten Pharoah cult had defiled. In the next room was a banshee.


The banshee burst out of a wall and screamed. Cog Tosh and Rowe dropped, but Yimir was able to save Rowe, unfortunately at the cost of Cog’s life. Gruff was made afraid as the banshee clawed at him. Rowe then crawled over and badly burned her ankle with Lay on Hands just before Tekkit finished her off.

The party then looted and rested before getting back to work. They also looked around the dungeon with scrying pools in Ratho’s room and moved on. Rowe brutally diplomacied the scorpion leader Rublia into submission before the group came across a massive scorpion. It was promptly annihilated by Tekkit.

The party then entered the semi-final chamber. Inside was Serethet, the unwilling host of the Forgotten Pharoah.


The party charged. Yimir lit up the room in a torrent of fireballs as Rowe and Grim charged. Before the party could finish her off, Serethet launched a prismatic spray that badly hurt Tekkit and left Yimir a scorched statue. Rowe then struck her down.

As she died, Hakotep’s ib abandoned Serethet’s body. The masked cult leader fell silently to the ground, the life drained from her body. Her golden funerary mask tumbled from her face, revealing her ordinary human features frozen in an expression that’s equally defiant and terrified. From her open mouth slipped a glowing, ethereal winged heart that soars up toward the ceiling and passes through it, vanishing from sight.

Wearing the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh, Tekkit felt a slight mental “tugging” as the winged heart soars away, as if something within the mask wants to join the heart in its flight.Rowe identified the spectral winged heart as an ib, a piece of the soul in ancient Osirian tradition. Embodied in the heart, the ib was considered an individual’s seat of emotion, thought, will, and intention. The No-Names then found the coffin of the Architect they were looking for as Grimm showed up out of breath just as the dust settled. “What’d I miss?” Grimm quickly turned Yimir back to flesh and healed him the rest of the way back to full. He then told the party that he was tired from his long trek through the cursed earth and that he was going to curl up in the pharoah’s sock drawer and take a long deserved nap.



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