Mummy's Mask

Death of a Necromancer


As the only still-conscious and terrified Xotl guard fled, a giant Frankenstein-like monster made of mixed up humanoid body parts burst into the room.

It knocked people around, nauseated them with its stench, and punched Tamarie before being arrowed to death by Tekkit. The party followed the sound of the fleeing guard down a nearby hallway. The hallway was lined with doors. The party began to open them and had discovered an empty larder and an empty laundry room before the battle began. Four undead entered the hallway. They were juju zombies, willing minions who had been made undead for greater power.


Two stacked up at the end of the hallway and began a strange dance while throwing weapons at the party. The other two closed, one throwing spears from a doorway as the other fought Rowe head on. Grimm gave the party good fortune and chanted as Tamarie assisted the party with her crossbow. Tekkit rained down arrows and identified the juju zombies’ weaknesses. Rowe’s flail quickly began to glow with divine power. A spectral hand floated in and wounded Tekkit. Tekkit shot it down and a faint cry came from the other end of the hall around the corner. As Rowe slew his opponent a pair of additional zombies came around the other end of the hallway and began viciously stabbing Grimm and Tekkit.

Tekkit cast Hide from Undead. Tamarie confidently approached and leveled her crossbow at a zombies face as Rowe healed the party. It turned out that Gaunt Cadaver was nearby and not undead. The surprisingly short necromancer stepped into sight and seriously injured Tamarie with a magical crit and ordered his zombies to flail around where the party was standing.

Tekkit fired at Gaunt Cadaver as Grimm cast a spell that covered him in harmless fire to prevent any invisibility powered escapes. The light seemed to hurt his Dark Folk eyes. Rowe was cut off from getting involved by the fights at both ends of the hall. With the help of his trusty adamatine flail, Rowe crashed outside through the wall. Grimm looked outside and saw Rowe preparing to burst back in. Grimm also saw an ankheg crawling up behind the paladin. Inside, Gaunt Cadaver was casting spells as the zombies beat on Tekkit and Tamarie. Suddenly the wall burst open.


An ankheg that had charged at Rowe barely missed and smashed through the wall. Behind it, Gaunt Cadaver saw Sir Rowe declaring a Smite Evil just before the necromancer was dropped by Grimm blindsiding him with a Deep Slumber spell. As Rowe and Tekkit finished off the zombies, Grimm tied up Gaunt. However, Unwrapped Harmony had specifically wanted Gaunt dead and the gemstone inside him that would prove his death retrieved. Tamarie decided that Gaunt had to pay for his crimes and drew her sword for the execution. Unfortunately she is not good with weapons, so instead of a clean kill, it was a mess of blood, a wounded yet living necromancer and a weeping bard. Grimm stepped in, declared he would show Tamarie how it’s done and disemboweled Gaunt Cadaver with a practiced knife.

The party looted the building and went back to retrieve the tied up guards. Grimm rushed ahead to check on the prisoners. The party arrived moments later, and Grimm explained that one of the prisoners had unfortunately died of an incurable case of head-fall-off-itus.

The party returned to Unwrapped Harmony with their one prisoner. The Xotl thanked the party for completing the mission and returning their mislead kinsman. The feared one had also decided to return home, so the party was given extra rewards for the two of them. The Xotl had no concrete information but they had seen a man in a gold mask arguing with a creature in a cage.

The party also got a star chart that seemed connected to the mystery. It was unfortunately incomplete though. The party compared their clues and Tamarie got the idea to go look at the Astronomy of Truth and Wisdom. The party rested and traveled out the next day. Inside the Astronomy they found star charts, but nothing very helpful. The symbols on the walls included two minor deities known as Maat and Thoth as well as Pharasma. The party eventually found a secret door. Above it was an ominous inscription that said something like, “All must pass through this door of death to be judged” or something menacing like that.

When Grimm read it aloud, the doors opened. The party was about to enter the Sepulcher of the Servant.



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