Mummy's Mask

A shocking development


The woman at the top of the pyramid explained that the party had to go through several trials to prove themselves worthy to meet Hakotep. Rowe suggested tunneling straight through the pyramid, but she said that s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶n̶’̶t̶ couldn’t be done. The party heard dungeon crawl and went to work. The party entered the fallen pyramid of Hakotep, formerly the Sky Pharaoh. The first challenge was a puzzle involving spelling the name of an eryines named Hastepperut. The party solved it, survived a sonic trap and moved on.

A hall of perfumed mist stood before them. Obviously filled with suspicion, Yimir attempted to burn it away with fireballs. It failed, so his ability to see through smoke was used to lead the party through. It was of course poisoned, but the group made it through. The tunnel eventually opened into a cavernous room within the pyramid. Statues of twisted winged lions decorated the area. The party explored and found a windy room with three exits at the bottom of a chasm. Rowe attempted to fly down after having a rope tied to him. A dispelling trap took away the paladin’s wings and caused him to fall. The rope saved him due to the party’s collective efforts though.

Tekkit prepared a zipline arrow and the party used that to get down. Rowe recast his angelic powers and hid inside Grimm’s bag of holding to keep it. On the ground the party found a cartouche (a name in hieroglyphs) that slid into the wall. The sound of thousands of angry souls filled the air. Grimm began summoning an ankylosaurus in preparation. Thousands of fiendish wasps swarmed in from the walls. The party was almost unable to hurt them. Yimir could do it with his firey magic but was nauseated by the swarms. Eventually he managed to momentarily escape and then incinerated them all with explosions that carefully avoided the party. Rowe almost helped by using a Smite Evil to utterly strike down Evil Wasp #239.

Next, the party discovered four mourning priests around an elaborate bed. The priests claimed that the king’s son had died and that “We must honor all forms!” They called the party over, saying they were preparing the body for burial. Neither Rowe nor Tekkit detected any evil on them. Something in the bed was rustling. Grimm bombed the bed with Incendiary Cloud. A screaming form reached out from the bed. A Greater Boneshatter trap was triggered. Rowe took the hit for Yimir as a priest cried out “We betrayed you, Hakotep!” The illusion then reset itself as the party left. As the paladin slowly healed the team known as [Error-attempt to call a nil value] discovered a grave. No undead were present. It was a monument to Hakotep’s only son, who was slain by a manticore. The party pulled the valuable mask off his face and moved on. The party then backtracked to a different path on a high ledge. Yimir flew up past the dispel trap since his wings of fire aren’t a spell. Rowe rode along in a handy haversack with his dodo. Immediately after arrival and leaving the bag, a pair of gargantuan stormbirds attacked under cover of a sudden storm.

Grimm and Tekkit began winding their way up around the dispel trap as the birds rained lightning down on the paladin and the oracle. Rowe’s energy resistence blocked most of the effects, so he tried to talk down the birds while keeping Yimir alive. A fatal lightning bolt made it through to cut Yimir down. However, the dodo, Tev the Brave, jumped in the way to save Yimir. The bolt reduced him to ashes that the wind quickly scattered. Tekkit and Grimm finally arrived and Yimir got off another wave of fireballs thanks to the heroic avian’s sacrifice. Badly wounded, Yimir attempted to retreat. The birds cut him down with lightning bolts. Yimir fell to the hard stone floor far below, leaving a spinning trail of fire. Tekkit’s arrows then ended the fight as the inquisitor inquired into Yimir’s tactics.

The party scraped Yimir off the ground and resurrected him. Tev’s remains had been scattered among the dust covering the room. Grimm then opened up a faerie ring for the party to rest in for the night.



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