Mummy's Mask

A New Dwarf and a Zombie Apocalypse (one begats the other?)


As Gruff tried on his new hat Barboucar vanished in a puff of smoke. However, Idorii joined the party for now—at least. The party went through the temple and mopped up the remaining undead consisting of Senenmerek the undead champion of Nethys, a Coffer Corpse, and some zombies. The wall creature’s (an Ahkhat) control device was also found and taken along with the Ahkhat itself and the other loot. The party then returned to town.

At the Tooth and Hookah Gruff’s cousin Grimmthan “Grimm” Oakblood the mammoth shaman was waiting for the party. Grimm was a wise dwarf an inch taller and a pound heavier than the tallest of the rest of his kind. Also with him was his Greensting Scorpion familiar “Barb”.

Gruff had to leave for home on urgent dwarf business but Grimm joined the party in his place. Barb rode around on Rowe from that point, to deliver spells.

Due to all the adventurers and their adventuring the value of ancient artifacts had collapsed in Wati. No trade was happening except at a major upcoming auction—at the railroad station. The auction was a major social event and the party went about listening to rumors and such. Grimm tried to learn more about a rumor of a place where poison could be bought. However, he failed at the diplomacy so Sir Rowe and Tamarie jumped in to help out.

The party saw Ted the priest of Pharasma wandering around. He seemed irritable and distracted so Tamarie and Tekkit moved in to check on him. The priest dismissively waved them off and said he was fine.

Later, Ted slipped out of the marketplace. Grimm attempted to follow but alas Ted escaped down the railroad tracks.

The party (minus Idorii) set up in the Uncanny jackal and had a good day of buying and selling. As the auction wound down and shoppers were milling about something began to slam at the door. Two servants went to investigate and were pinned underneath as the doors burst violently inward. Six zombies charged in, the crowd screamed and sounds of the zombie apocalypse came from outside.


Rowe, the undead scourge, stepped in and channeled energy. Grimm cast Enlarge Person temporarily upgrading the paladin.


The situation was getting dangerous. Grimm and Tamarie saved the servants out from under the doors. Rowe smashed three of the zombies and then Tekkit and Tamarie quickly finished off the others. The party began to leave the building but the door frame area collapsed on the enlarged Rowe. As the party pulled away rubble crawling hands began to swarm over them.


Two hands grabbed onto Grimm. Tekkit shot one off and Rowe smashed the other with a giant flail inches from Grimm’s face. The party fought off the other hands and Grimm turned the corner. Inside a building he saw a mummy’s sarcophagus bursting open. Out from the crypt emerged Amadjawet the mummy. She was the first real mummy most of the party had seen.

The mummy’s aura caused Grimm and Tamarie to momentarily despair but Tekkit and Rowe were unaffected. Amadjawet took down Grimm. Tekkit cast Hide from Undead as Rowe pulled the dwarf out of danger. Tamarie broke the Hide spell by flanking the mummy and trying to backstab it with her spear. The mummy turned and struck Tamarie, giving her mummy rot; however, Tamarie’s flank gave Rowe an edge and he began smashing the mummy. Tekkit shot it with explosive arrows. The mummy burned and roared in pain before Rowe crushed and destroyed it.



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